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Infant Hosiery

Keeping little toes safe, warm, and uber-chic has never been easier, thanks to Rookie USA online. Since 2011, we have offered South African children a collection of iconic international brands like Converse, Nike and Jordan. We provide a complete online premium kid’s retail experience. So when buying baby hosiery from Rookie USA, you know you’re buying quality baby clothes at competitive prices.

Shop Baby Stockings and Tights

Why are hosiery important for babies? 

Newborn stockings, tights, socks or booties, whatever your preference, it’s important to keep your baby’s toes covered. Newborn babies have tiny feet that need protection from the weather outside and the temperature inside. That’s why infant hosiery is necessary. The primary purpose of socks for babies is to keep their cute little feet from getting cold.

Hosiery can help or hamper baby’s movement 

Once your little one starts crawling about, you’ll want to style her in quality baby girl footless tights. Clothing needs to be durable and practical to let your baby develop to her full potential. This pair from Converse will have her feeling like a jungle cat.

Once she starts walking, socks with a no-slip feature are a must-have. Grab this 3-pack of Nike no-slip ankle socks and help her stay safe as she moves. 

Whether your little guy is wearing shoes or not, dress him in a pair of protective socks. The Jordan’s three-piece pack is perfect for keeping your precious one cosy.

What to look for when buying baby hosiery?

Not all newborn footwear is created equal. With so many styles and brands of infant hosiery for sale, shopping for your baby can feel overwhelming.

To make shopping more enjoyable, consider these three things before making a purchase: 

  1. Fabric: Newborns and infants have sensitive skin. Silky smooth fabrics, like cotton, are gentle on the skin, making them a good fit for your baby.

  2. Size: Be sure that the hosiery fits the baby right. If your baby falls in between sizes, always buy the bigger size to compensate for growth spurts.

  3. Elasticity: Great baby socks have elastic tops that stay on your newborn's feet and don’t interfere with normal foot development. 

How much does infant hosiery cost? </h2>

Baby hosiery at Rookie USA is thoughtfully made and budget-friendly. You’ll never compromise quality for the price.

With Converse’s booties, your baby will be comfy and warm all day long. When buying a two-pack for R 104,00, you know that you’re getting value for your money. You can choose from three different colour options: Converse Storm Pink, Navy or Black.

Another cute option for your baby girl is the Frilly Chucks Infant/Toddler Bootie 2-piece Pack retailing at R 112,00.

Where to buy the Infant Hosiery?

We know you want the best for your little one, and we have got you covered. To take advantage of all our great deals, visit Rookie USA online. We'll deliver all your baby’s hosiery right to your doorstep.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram and are eager to meet you. 

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