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Kids Shoes & Footwear

Imagine your little dude or dudette, rocking a pair of Converse Kids low tops to a party? Or trying their new skateboard out with the most comfortable pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s on? No matter how you picture it, your kid in a pair of Converse kid’s shoes is just cute, full stop. At Rookie USA, you can get designer children’s shoes from Converse Kids for premium fashion prices, shop with us today and you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of sneaker styles, colours and sizes today.

Rookie USA stocks fashion kid’s footwear from Converse Kids that will have your little guy or girl looking their stylish best all the time. Converse Kids, designs shoes that are meant to be worn out in the world, allowing your child to be free to play and explore the world around them all while being sporty, comfortable and stylish. Choose a pair of the best kid’s shoes on the market from Rookie USA today, you won’t regret it.

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How much do children’s shoes cost?

Rookie USA offers premium kid’s clothing and designer children’s footwear from brands like Nike and Converse. The iconic brands we stock are both exclusive and utterly versatile, making sure your little one is the best dressed on the playground every time. When shopping online, use our price filter to find cool kid’s shoes in the price that makes your back pocket happy.

Apart from footwear, we also stock a range of kid’s clothing and apparel items that will ensure your kid is well-dressed and comfy no matter what the season or occasion;


Shop for kid’s clothing at Rookie USA today. You’ll find tops, jackets, bottoms, dresses and swimwear for the little people in your life. Just because they may be an unpredictable tween, doesn’t mean they can’t be well-dressed and utterly cool wherever they go.


We stock a range of designer accessories for kids like headwear and bags. Whether you want to give them the best quality bag for school or extra murals or the coolest caps and beanies that money can buy from leading international brands, you’ll find it all in the kid’s accessories section now.

Shop at Rookie USA for a kids-only, premium retail brand experience. From footwear to headwear and everything in between, Rookie USA stocks premium brands at great prices for the fashion forward child today.

Where to shop for kids’ shoes online?

Shop at Rookie USA today, the coolest kid’s shoe store online right now. You’ll have one of the best online retail experiences available thanks to our easy-to-navigate site which stocks only the best in kid’s fashion and cool kid’s shoes.

Rookie USA

We might be relatively new in South Africa, but we’ve been offering our premium retail service around the world since 2011. Iconic brands like Converse, Crayola, Levi’s, Nike, Hurley and Jordan all in one easy-to-use website for kids-only fashion.

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  1. Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Infants Low
    Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Infants Low
    As low as R529.00
  2. Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Kids High
    Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Kids High
    As low as R629.00
  3. Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Kids Low
    Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Kids Low
    As low as R579.00
  4. Converse Unicons Low
    Converse Unicons Low
    As low as R325.00 Regular Price R649.00

4 Items

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