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Kid's Accessories

Kids today are not only fashion-savvy but also brand conscious. Many take their cue from famous peers. The days of parents shopping on their behalf is increasingly becoming a thing of the past; kids want a say in what they wear. 

Trying to keep up with the latest trends can be difficult for you and your child. If they aren’t outgrowing their clothes, then it’s no longer in vogue, or as they’d say “it’s so yesterday”. And they simply can’t be expected to be seen in that outfit again. 

But you can breathe a sigh of relief. With Rookie USA, shopping for kidswear has never been so simple and stress-free. You can find on-trend apparel and kids accessories online.

Shop Children's Accessories Online

Where to buy kid's accessories?

Rookie USA, a popular online retail store in South Africa, caters exclusively for kids fashion. 

Offering young fashion-conscious consumers, a collection of iconic brands like Converse, Nike, Jordan, Hurley, Crayola, and Levi’s, to make sure 0-20-year-olds are on point from top-to-toe.

You will find everything you need here, from clothing to trendy children’s accessories. The days of mismatched outfits and accessories are over; being spoilt for choice has made kids accessories just as important as the garments.

It’s Rookie USA to the rescue

The days of parents trudging from shop-to-shop with frazzled nerves and weary kids in tow can now be a thing of the past. After hours on the beat, you probably return with only a part of an outfit and no suitable accessory to complete their ensemble. 

On the Rookie USA online store, you can calmly shop for clothes, shoes, and kids accessories online, 24/7 and at your leisure then have your items delivered right to your doorstep. 

With a wide range of accessories for girls, as well as boys accessories, your kids will look showstopping in their new digs. 

While Rookie USA’s range of clothing looks stylish, it’s made for comfort so that your kids can still enjoy their active lifestyle.

How much are kid's accessories online?

You can pick-up trendy accessories to suit your budget. Well worth it for trendy caps, stylish bags and pencil bags made by iconic international brands. 

Keeping the young ones fashionable and hip doesn’t need to break the bank. Rookie USA has got you covered with well-priced girls and boys accessories.

You get the total package when you shop Rookie USA for kids accessories: iconic brands, great pricing, and up-to-date items. 

Shop by brand

Kids like to express their individualism and their self-confidence may surprise you. Let them unleash their contagious energy through their fashion sense. 

Find great fashion brands for children and young adults available including iconic brands like Converse, Jordan, Crayola, Levi, Hurley and Nike all in one place.

The Rookie USA range allows them to be creative with stylish apparel and children’s accessories; it allows them to be either brand loyal or mix ‘n match.

Shop Rookie USA

Shopping doesn’t need to be a chore; it can be quality time spent together if you shop online at Rookie USA. 

We made it easy to shop so that you can enjoy your shopping experience, with your little ones. Take advantage of fast and cheap delivery and our simple return policy.

Join the Rookie USA community

We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to visit our website for further details and contact us with any queries. 

Join the Rookie USA community by following us on Instagram and Facebook.  More than 46,000 people have given Rookie USA the thumbs-up, take your cue from your fellow shoppers and become a part of our virtual family today.

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